Application Procedure

I. Online Application

1. Log onto the online application system and finish register.

 a. For Chinese Government Scholarship:

 b. For International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship:

 c. For Chongqing Mayor Scholarship, Southwest University Scholarship and Self-sponsored:


Physical Examination must be valid for 6 months when the application has been submitted.

3. Finish the form, upload application documents as required and submit.

4. After receiving the admission notice via email, applicants who are awarded by CSC Scholarship Type B, Chongqing Mayor Scholarship, University Scholarships and Self-sponsored, must deposit application fee of CNY 500 to Southwest University's bank account before deadline.

II. Evaluation and Admission

1. SWU would evaluate applications monthly, the results will be sent by email.

2. SWU will send offers and JW202 forms before July 15.

III. Application Documents

1. Photocopies of the diploma, graduation certificate, degree certificate or pre-graduate certificate.

2. Transcripts of the previous degree with grading system.

3. An 800 words study plan for undergraduate applicant and research proposal for graduate and Ph.D. applicant.

4. Graduate and Ph.D. applicants need provide two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors who are familiar with applicants’ academic performance.

   Undergraduate applicants need provide two recommendation letters from their teachers.

5. Language proficiency certificates:

HSK Certificate

IELTS/ TOFEL-iBT transcript or English Taught certificate in previous program.

6. Published paper, dissertation or other academic achievements.

7. Physical Examination Form.

8. Most recent ID photo.

9. Photocopy of valid passport.


1. For music or fine arts applicants, please submit two works.

2. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.