College of Plant Protection

植物病理学Plant Pathology (二级学科)


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Molecular plant virology

Qing Ling

Chinese and English

1 Interaction between the plant virus and its hosts 2 Antiviral research 3 Plant disease diagnosis and biocontrol

Sun XianChao

Chinese and English

农业昆虫与害虫防治 Agricultural Insects and Pest Control

Invertebrate Molecular Biology, Physiology, behavioral and

evolutionary ecology, toxicology, and pest management

Wang JinJun

Chinese and English

Molecular physiology and neurophysiology of the chemoreception in pests

Jiang HongBo

Chinese and English

Invertebrate Molecular Ecology Toxicology, and Pest Management

Dou Wei

Chinese and English

1 Reproductive physiology and behavior regulation

2 Molecular immunity mechanism of invasive pests.

Wei Dong

Chinese and English

1 Aphids and spider mites

2 Insect virus ecology

3 RNAi integrated biological

Niu JinZhi

Chinese and English

农药学 Pesticide Science

1 Molecular biology of spider mites 2 RNAi based pest control

Shen GuangMao

Chinese and English