Let it Go: International College Held the Psychological Counselling Workshop for International Students in China

With twilight in early spring shining down on International College, the psychological counselling Workshop, “Let it Go”, was held on March 23rd in room 317.

In joint effort of Sunshine psychology service center and International College, the workshop aimed to release the pressure and gloom brought by the pandemic, and further students’ self-consciousness in order to adjust to the changing environment.

The organizer introduced a game “wind blowing” to warm up, during which students stood hand in hand in a circle, and moved upon different orders. Through the process students got to go beyond themselves to feel and appreciate each other.

The second game was “color of your mood”. Students wrote down their thoughts and depicted their love for hometown and family, as well as trouble concerning study and life while listening to soothing music and encouragement of the counselor. Students then presented their work and thought to the group. Different as they are, common experience kept them connected.

Then came “Relief Publication House”, where students worked as a team to come up with a book of mood-changing tactics and shared it with other teams. Exercising, great food, music, reading and horror movies… Everything could come in handy as you somehow feel down.

The last activity to wrap it up is “Fly, paper plane”. Worries and problems flew a way with the paper planes they were written on. With international student psychological service center established in 2019 and psychological consulting platform founded in 2020, activities were held regularly to keep pace with students’ development.

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