4 SWU students joining the Zhi-Xing China Fellowships 2022

The Zhi-Xing China Fellowships 2022 was held from August 15thto 17thin Kunming. 68 Chinese and international students from 23 Chinese Universities participated. 4 projects designed and submitted by Southwest University (SWU) were selected by the annual event, and therefore 4 SWU students, each representing one selected project, were invited to join this year’s event.

On August 15th, the environmental expert Qian Chunping from Kunming Dianchi Lake Environmental Protection Collaborative Research Center gave a lecture on the measures taken and the work done in order to protect the environments of Dianchi Lake, enabling the participating students to acquire a thorough understanding of the significance of ecological protection and the effective ways to achieve ecological sustainability with Chinese features.

On August 16th, all the participants paid a visit to the Dianchi Wetland Park and the Dianchi Ecological Museum, and witnessed the remarkable achievements of ecological development by Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province in Southwest China. In addition, they also visited Yunnan Province Museum, where they learned the history of Yunnan Province and its social and cultural development. In the ancient town of Guandu, they found out about what had been done to protect the local Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Based on their experiences during the event, all participating students made presentations to report how their respective projects were completed. SWU international student Chiamaka Faustina Oraka from Nigeria and Chinese student Zhou Xiaoou deeply impressed the audience with their wonderful presentations. They said this annual event is great because it not only helps them better understand China, but also enables them to have learnt a lot about ecological environments. They hope they may have chances to utilize what they have acquired from this event to help make this world a better place for all the living beings.

SWU submitted projects to the event each year, and the number of projects chosen by the event of this year is the greatest. Students of the 4 chosen projects made much preparations before the event. They travelled to lots of places both inside and outside Chongqing, and acquired a rich collection of literal, audio and video material featuring topics like agricultural development by science and technology, digital community, digital livelihood, etc.. By doing these projects, they wish to do their bits in the exploration of sustainable developmental course in order to make tomorrow a better day for the whole world.

On the morning of 17th, the closing ceremony was held, and Mr. Liu Liming, President of China Education Association for International Exchange, made the final speech. He encouraged the participants to join hands together in line with the ongoing globalization, to learn from each other and forge ahead together, and to cherish the dream of making this world a beautiful place until it comes true.

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