Material physics

Research Direction:

Material physics is an emerging interdisciplinary subject which studies material structure, properties and performance based on the principles of physics, and mainly focuses on the exploration of functional materials such as energy storage, semi-conductor and electronic devices. Its research interests include solid microstructure analysis and material characterization in the areas of shape memory and hyperelastic materials, composite materials, biomedical materials and energy storage materials.  

Training Objectives:

l Mastering the basic theory and knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and so on

l Mastering the basic knowledge, principles and experimental skills of material preparation (or synthesis), material processing, material structure and performance measurement and material application

l Understanding the general principles and knowledge of related fields

l Being familiar with national policies on applied physics, material science and engineering research, science and technology development and related industries, domestic and foreign laws and regulations on intellectual property

l To understand the theoretical frontiers, application prospects and latest developments of material physics, as well as the development status of applied physics, materials science and engineering industry

l Mastering the basic methods of Chinese and foreign language data inquiry, literature retrieval and the use of modern information technology to obtain relevant information;

l Being able to design and conduct experiments and analyze experimental results, write papers, and participate in academic conferences.

As a student in this program, you will:

l Complete all the compulsory courses designed for this project.

l Choose from a variety of electives tailored to your personal career goals.

l Complete a unique practicum experience to apply knowledge and skills obtained in the program to create a project that has real-world application.

l Practicum project cover 3 parts, including teaching practice, social practice, scientific research practice.