Packaging Engineering

The packaging engineering major of Southwest University aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents who are able to develop in the fields of markets, scientific technology and art and can integrate knowledge and ability on product packaging engineering technology, packaging commercialization design, and brand building. The students will acquire a wide range of knowledge and the ability to think outside of the box. They will not only obtain rigorous logical thinking skills of engineering students, but also creative thinking and aesthetic quality of design students. Students will have a wide employment scope, a strong adaptability and obvious comprehensive advantages. In addition, based on the advantages and characteristics of the College of Food Science, this major pays a special attention to the students' overall packaging solution ability in the field of food.

Founded in 1994, this major has more than 20 years of experience. Three of the teachers have overseas doctorate degrees. Many teachers have rich experience in market practice. Our teachers can effectively carry out the teaching work combining theory and practice, and build a solid foundation for students to enter the society. At present, this major has trained a large number of senior professionals to meet the needs of the society.

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