Educational Leadership and Management

Internationally there is a consensus of education for human well-being. In the era of globalization, governments and educational organizations around the world have increasingly realized the significance of building global competence for an inclusive world. The Faculty of Education at Southwest University (SWU), one of the leading institutes of education in P.R.China, has a long tradition of education research and services, which can be traced back to 1906. Facing the new appeal of international education development, the Faculty of education at SWU has actively initiated diverse English-taught master and PhD programs in Education for international students since 2013.

As an integral of education to improve achievements, effective educational leadership and management has been increasingly acknowledged during the 1990s and the 21st century. Education Leadership and Management (ELM) is a program offered to international students enrolling in the PhD programs in the Faculty of Education at Southwest University, P.R.China.

This program emphasizes systematic knowledge learning, critical analysis, and creative applications of theories in specific contexts from multidisciplinary perspectives, including education, psychology, leadership, economy, policy and organizational analysis. Face to face lecturing guided by teachers, mini-seminars based on students’ collaborative learning and research exploration, and classroom discussion and debates based on school visits are organized to enrich the learning experiences of students. Course readings are supplemented with additional materials designed to facilitate individual and group understanding of concepts and to aid students in developing problem-solving skills.

Through this program, the students are expected to develop their global competences in planning, inclusion, community action, communication, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and ethical commitment, all of which are necessary for educational leaders and mangers in 21st century.

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