Food Science and Engineering

Food science and engineering is a first-level interdisciplinary engineering subject, which takes raw materials and food as the research object, and engineering, science, agriculture, and medicine as the main scientific basis to study the physical, chemical and biological characteristics, nutrition, quality, safety and engineering technology of raw materials and food.

In order to better integrate practical production and industrial practice, the College of Food Science has established “food packaging engineering" as another master's degree program with its own characteristics. At present, the discipline of "food science and engineering" consists of five master programs, including food science, agricultural product processing and storage engineering, grain oil and protein engineering, aquatic product processing engineering and food packaging engineering. Furthermore, there are four doctoral programs, namely food science, processing and storage engineering of agricultural products, grain oil protein engineering and aquatic products processing engineering. Based in Chongqing, serving the Southwest, radiating to the whole country and facing the world, the College is committed to building a first-class "food science and engineering" discipline in Western China, well-known in China and influential in the world.

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