“Cloud Study, Explore China” (3 months+)

Program Introduction:

In order to populate the charisma of Chinese culture, especially Chinese language, and to boost the upsurge of Chinese learning among middle school students in Thailand, Southwest University and the Confucius Institute, Khon Kaen University co-organize the 2020 “Cloud Study, Explore China” Chinese Bridge Online Camp from Jan. 11thto Jan. 23th, 2021.

The online camp consists of three parts: online teaching, result checking and online interaction. Online teaching concerns Chinese language and Chinese culture; result checking refers to commendation of outstanding students, online Chinese culture quiz game, and speech contest in the form of short videos; and online interaction involves communication under certain themes with graduate students majoring in Chinese Language Education from the International School of Southwest University.

Time: 2021 Jan.-2021 March

Courses Introduction

Part One: Chinese Culture Section

Course I: “Basic Spirit in Traditional Culture and Chinese People’s Value”

2 hours (30min/class, 4 school hours)

Through critical analysis of Chinese Animation characters that inherits traditional Chinese values (including Jiang Ziya, Money King and Ne zha), students could learn the basic spirit and value system in Chinese Traditional Culture.

Course II: The Past, Today and Future of City under Spotlight: Chongqing

1.5 hours (30min/class, 3 school hours)

This part is revolved around the geographical history of Chongqing by taking the students through traditional and modern architectures, food, culture and folk custom to experience the characteristics of the city.

Course III: The Societal Evolution of China in New Era

1 hour (30min/class, 2 school hours)

This part sheds light on the daily life of Chinese people via representative cultural phenomenon and characters, which mark the achievements of 40 years’reform and opening-up in China.

Part Two: Chinese Language Section

Through training in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, this section enhances students’ cognition of all-round development in Chinese study. Specialized training on components with different functions of Chinese characters and intervening training would endow the learner with ability to specify characters in a strategic and systematic way, so that the learner can put abstract knowledge into daily contexts.

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