“Charming Chinese, Wonderful China”

In order to populate the charisma of Chinese culture, especially Chinese language, and to boost the upsurge of Chinese learning among college students in Egypt, Southwest University and Ain Shams University co-organize the 2020 “Charming Chinese, Colorful China” Chinese Bridge Online Camp from December 4thto December 26th, 2020.

The online camp consists of three parts: online teaching, result checking and online interaction. Online teaching concerns Chinese language and Chinese culture; result checking refers to commendation of outstanding students, online Chinese culture quiz game, and speech contest in the form of short videos; and online interaction involves communication under certain themes with graduate students majoring in Chinese Language Education from the International School of Southwest University.

Course Introduction

Chinese Culture Section: Under the Scope of Media

Taking advantage of the convenient online teaching, through film watching students are able to generate their own findings during short-term education. This section creatively divides the teaching procedure into multiple themes, under which students can experience Chinese culture of all kinds.

Part I: “Belt and Road” Film and Chinese Culture

Part II: Chinese Classical Novels and Films

1hour/2 school hours (0.5 hour=1 school hour)

Part III: Chinese History in Film Representation

1.5hour/3 school hours (0.5 hour=1 school hour)

Part IV: Contemporary China in Photographs

1hour/2 school hours (0.5 hour=1 school hour)

Chinese Language Section

Through training in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, this section enhances students’ cognition of all-round development in Chinese study. Special education on components with different functions of Chinese characters and intervening training would endow the learner with ability to specify characters in a strategic and systematic way, so that the learner can put abstract knowledge into daily contexts.

Part I: Chinese People’s Life

1hour/2 school hours (0.5 hour=1 school hour)

Part II: Chinese Campus

1hour/2 school hours (0.5 hour=1 school hour)

Part III: Cross-cultural Communication & Crush

0.5hour/1 school hours (0.5 hour=1 school hour)

Part IV: Chinese Characters

1hour/2 school hours (0.5 hour=1 school hour)

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